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Acceptance Speech

What Does It Mean To Be A Retailer Of the Year

2013 was a big year for us at Extreme Audio. We completed a floor to ceiling remodel of our installation facility. We expanded into new product categories and we invested in high-end fabrication training for our entire staff. But nothing could have prepared us for what happened ing August. We were absolutely shocked when we Read More…

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Specialty Retailer

Why Choose a Specialty Retailer For Your Audio Enhancement

Specialty retailers typically offer the very best value available when you are making a purchase of a technical nature. But what is a specialty retailer? In most cases, a specialty retailer is a small, locally owned company that focuses on 1 or 2 things and does them extremely well. Extreme Audio is proud to be Read More…

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Bluetooth aids in distracted driving

Prevent Distracted Driving with Bluetooth Technology

Not only is it considered safer to avoid holding a cell phone to your ear while driving, it’s also against the law in a growing number of places: In the U.S., 12 states now have blanket bans on driving using a handheld cell phone, while 37 states have bans for novice drivers. Text messaging while Read More…

Recent Work

1968 camaro Audio Upgrade

1968 Chevrolet Camaro Audio Upgrade For Sandston Client

A Sandston client came to us recently with a beautiful 1968 Camaro looking to update the audio system. We had installed a radio with bluetooth in his van, and he wanted to update the Camaro to have the same types of features, before passing it down to his grandson (lucky guy!). We took out the Read More…

Recent Work

subaru backup camera

Subaru Backup Camera Integration Thrills Mechanicsville Client

We had a couple come in recently with a 2014 Subaru Outback looking to improve their view behind them while backing up. After inspecting the vehicle, a backup camera system definitely fit the bill! The client was interested in having a wide view behind them, so we chose an Alpine 190 Degree camera. The Outback Read More…

Recent Work

Cadillac Window Tint

Cadillac Window Tint Project Solves Legality Issue

A new client recently contacted us after moving here from Texas. It seems the window tint on his Cadillac CTS-V was legal in Texas, but not in Virginia! Our tint technician, Seth, broke out our commercial steamer and proceeded to remove all that old tint, and replace it with fresh, LEGAL, 3M Color Stable film. Read More…